(Bomp) - April, 1979

Contains the song: We're In Control (MP3)

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We're In Control (Vitus Mataré)

There's a killer in the room and he's looking at you
Hands in his pockets, he's got nothing to do
He'll stare, smile, nod, and walk away
Let the penguin fly some other day (let us pray)

Stay by yourself, it's safer than alone
Don't open the door, never answer the phone
Touch the air, don't follow tracks
See the light when you peer through cracks (we live in shacks)

We're in control, there's nothing you can do
We'll scare the pants off of fools like you
We can't tell the time of day
So we see the world in a different way (such a different way)

It's raining in your bed, it's raining just outside
It's cold in the pit, you've no place to hide
Feel the warmth of your comrades
Shot dead in the head in Stalingrad (that's too bad)

We're in control, it's all over for you
We see nothing wrong with the things we do
We can't even tie our shoes
But we look real neat when we break the news (we make the news)

There's nothing wrong with the things we say
We don't mean a word but that's okay
Break the stone from which you're carved
You'll eat our trash if we keep you starved (we'll keep you starved)

You haven't got a friend, your luck will never end
Thank the almighty for what we send
You don't know if he's one of us
You'll never know so get on the bus (get on the bus)

Vitus wrote this – one of his first. As best as I can figure, it really is about the oppressive Brezhnev regime. One of my favorite Vitus melodies ever. His original demo is probably better than the recorded version, but if we put his demo on this site he would almost certainly kill us.

This showed up on Bomp's "Waves" compilation in April '79, was released as a 12 inch in Germany by Line records, and is now on the Bomp CD reissue of L.A. Explosion.

—Joe Nolte

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