SST Acoustic (SST 276) - Nov 1, 1991

Contains the song:

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Awakening (Joe Nolte, Mar 5, 1989)

What do I need to say to get to you
I could be anyone you want me to
I have no problem though I have no right
I could be anyone for you tonight

I see the laughter forming in your eyes
I know it really should be no surprise
There is no reason and there is no rhyme
In every dream you're there and girl your mine

I do not talk of love - I never knew
A time when talking would have made it true
There is no reason for the things I say
I don't know why it has to be this way

If you had nothing more to say to me
It wouldn't change what you've given to me
There is no reason and there are no rules
It can be anything you want it to

I find no rest and no release at night
I try to drown the sound - destroy the light
The pain increases and I yearn for more
No pain was ever more worth dying for

I make no claim at all upon your heart
I am content to stay and play my part
I don't expect a single thing from you
I know there's nothing we could ever do
You may not even give a thought to me
I could be all alone inside my misery
But till the day when I can surely tell
I'll play my part for you and play it well

We are but leaves against the winds of time
There is no reason and there is no rhyme
Yet should the winds remember me to you

I will be anyone you want me to...

Ah yeah - this turned out pretty good. As you can see by the date, I basically recorded this right after it was written. All them weird electric guitars were created and played by brother David. That sliding descending note thing is him actually detuning his guitar!

I always put this first on tapes I give to people who've never heard our music.

This was written for K1. It worked.

—Joe Nolte

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