Listen and Learn with Vibro-phonic
(Vibro-phonic/Eggbert DL 12007) - 1999

Contains the song:
Perfect World
(Real Audio)

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Perfect World (David Nolte/Joe Nolte)

Brother David had produced the [Red Hair demo], and decided to sample a couple of lines from "Take Care Of Her" to produce this little masterpiece. Outside of my sampled singing, I had nothing to do with this - it's David's creation, start to finish. Kristi Callan sings on the "World will make you" parts.

Brilliant piece - we have been working on others in the same vein. It's perfect for me, after all - I go in and sing a couple of things into a mike, then David does all the work and creates the thing and I still get partial credit! Heh heh heh...

I'll have to delete the above before sending this to brother Dan.

—Joe Nolte

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