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1) Difference (infoMP3)
2) Someday I'll Have You (infoMP3)
3) Rain Town (infoMP3)
4) Everywhere (infoMP3)
5) Goodbye (infoMP3)
6) The Other Side (infoMP3)
7) Day Girl (infoMP3)
8) A Part of Your Soul (Pallbearer) (infoMP3)
9) Nearly Dead (infoMP3)
10) You Walk Into a Room (infoMP3)
11) It All Comes Down (infoMP3)

Difference (Joe Nolte, June 10, 1979)

The day I first saw you
The day I realized I was in love with you
I would not have believed
That it would be the last I'd ever see of you
You told me I was not like all the rest
You said I had a difference
You drove into the night and I believed
Though I did not know what you meant

A dream to dream
You told me you had waited for a year to fill your dream
And then we let it slip away like dreams do
Like the other dreams I've seen
I know I shoulda called - I should forget
I know some people could forget
Some people never dream
But with a little difference you look within
And I saw you

Sometimes I still wish I could find a way
That would have made you understand
You had it in your hand
But you must've gone and found another band
The sidewalks shared my dreams
To the night time streets I traveled once I came
While people watch TV
'Cause with a little difference it's not the same

Yeah, so I hit the streets again
And suddenly I felt like I did then
Still I felt the wind
And it was singing of a change again...

And in a vision I watched as the whole damn thing unwound
While the doctors, the lawyers, the cops just stood around
They stood 'round
The walls fell to the ground
You know you must believe, you know it must come down
They shiver with the sound

When you feel it too it'll call for you
It's tumbling down...

Come the 17th
The only killers on the street are the police
Some people might have died
Some people shook their heads and stayed inside
Some people left L.A.
Some people joined the Rockabilly train
Some people watch TV
But with a little difference you look within
And I saw you

Written in '79 - an instant hit live, we recorded it (badly, particularly the vocals) for the never-released Look Again album. I wanted to get the thing out in some form, at long last...

This is possibly my favorite of anything I've ever written. It is certainly the favorite of many O.G. Last fans. This one was written for "A" (I don't think there are any other "A"'s, are there?

The song consists of a few similar sounding verses and a (musically) completely different middle section. If you have therefore come to the immediately obvious conclusion - you're right! The verses and the mid section did indeed start life as two completely different songs-in-progress - the only two, in fact, that I was working on while immersed in the recording of "L. A. Explosion". Had no real subject matter for either of them, they were mostly just music with the odd lyric here and there, and I wasn't getting anywhere with either of them.

Then met "A", had an all-too-brief almost flirtatious moment, almost hooked up subsequently and didn't, and two weeks later, on March 17, learned upon my arrival at a punk show in Downtown L. A. that I had fallen into yet another "over before it began" scenario.

Which would have been good enough song material - however it was somewhat (initially) mitigated, and ultimately enhanced, by what was to unfold that strange evening.

For this was the evening of the infamous Elk's Lodge Riot. I'll probably say more elsewhere about that (personally getting thrown down a huge flight of stairs by one of L.A.'s Finest, etc), but suffice it to say that losing said girl combined with the riot was irresistible. I immediately threw the two songs-in-progress together, and began to work in earnest.

As one may discern from the dates, it would be nearly three months before I finished the song. Part of this is attributable to the fact that we were completely immersed in "L.A. Explosion" sessions, the rest attributable to the fact that I wanted to get this one exactly right.

I did.

—Joe Nolte

Someday I'll Have You (Joe Nolte, 1980)

Well, you can walk around with your head hanging low
You can stare at the ground, but you know
It's not what you are that made you so
It's what you heard them say

Someday you will sparkle and shine
Someday you'll have fire in your eye
Someday I'll have you (3x)

You can slouch, you can crouch, you can hide
I understand it, I can sympathize
And I don't need to ask the reason why
'cause I can see inside

Someday all the beauty hiding there
Will light your face and color your hair
Someday I'll have you (3x)

You don't need to know I'm there, I won't make a sound
Everybody oughtta have somebody hangin' 'round
Listen to the words I say
Oh, you can run when I'm done, it's okay
But you don't have to live that way
I know someday you won't

And someday every guy will be in line
To see the girl with the fire in her eye
Someday I'll have you (3x)

Written around the time of John Lennon's death. Probably one of my favorites among my Beatle ripoffs. Recorded for the demo sessions that mostly ended up on Painting Smiles, though this song was not included. I'd never gotten the harmonies right, until now...

—Joe Nolte

Rain Town (Joe Nolte, March 1985)

Ah lookin hard at the rain
Lookin back at the all day rain day
All day pain in the old rain town

Rain as we stumble again
As we follow the well trod rain sod
All grey rain in the all rain town

Rain town – rain washes away down – old pain
& the rain goes down the rain goes down
The pain goes away in the old rain town

Say if you meet with the rain
If your heart is a week day – bleak day
Sing your pain to the cold among the rain

Written in early '85 - never recorded by the Last. Another one that just hit me out of nowhere, in early '85. Haunting, fun little piece.

—Joe Nolte

Everywhere (Joe Nolte, May 1989)

Tell me I don't know tell me who went & made it so
Are you really there seeing you I could walk on air
Can I be in your game - is there anything I should say
Words just turn to air I look back & you're everywhere

I'm not much good at this I live for the eyes I will miss
Will you come again is this going to be the end
You can say it's no good & I think you probably should
Ooh girl seeing you makes me dream what I shouldn't do

What goes on inside are there things that you have to hide
If I turned to you would you know - would you want me to
How long can I remain wanting you & going insane
You don't know I'm there I look back & I only stare
You're gone I don't care all I see is you everywhere


Written in '89 - never recorded by the Last...

—Joe Nolte

Goodbye (Joe Nolte, January 30, 1977)

It ain't a question of what I'd like to do
I always used to feel a part of you
Slipping inside you - laugh if you want to
But that's me and that's you somewhere
You did what you thought was right
I will sleep alone at night
I will laugh and cry - I will live and living die
It's all the same - same old song
It's up to you - it's up to you - it's up to you

Don't think you made me break down
'Cause I'm still free - I can walk away
I can run around - go my merry way
I got too much to do - I won't cry today
Do you think you were right
I will sleep alone at night
I will laugh and cry - I will live and living die
It's all the same - same old song
It's up to you - it's up to you - it's up to you

It ain't a question of what I'm gonna do
It's just a question I wanna put to you
Do you remember the things we used to do
Growing up destroyed the best part of you
Someday you will know I'm right
And YOU will sleep alone at night
I will laugh and cry - I will live and living die
It's all the same - same old game
Goodbye to you
Goodbye to you
Goodbye to you


Written in '77 - never recorded by the Last...

—Joe Nolte

The Other Side (Joe Nolte, April 2, 1978)

For years you've been running my life
As if I was a slave controlled by your word
"Do this, do that" till I started to scream
But never a sound could be heard

So keep on with your dreaming
It doesn't matter to me
'Cause even now you're sinking
Beneath the web you wove

(Everybody knows) I know I know
(You were wrong) You can't change the world
(All along) See your life work ebb away
As the days run by you
You're gonna have to run and hide

Now I ain't your puppet and I ain't your slave
I don't care what you want me to be
It's been a long time since we started this thing
And you don't mean nothing to me

Now it don't make no difference
What you want to try
Someday I'll go my own way
And bid you all goodbye

(See my life turn oh) I know I know
(You were wrong) You don't have all the answers
(All along) See your life turn dark and gray
As we turn to leave you
You better take a look and try to see

Also recorded for Look Again - written with specific harmonies in mind - we butchered the song at the time - another one that needed to be redone.

The refrain at the end was originally going to be: "As we turn to leave you, you're gonna have to open your eyes," and then "As we turn to leave you, you better take a look at yourself."

—Joe Nolte

Day Girl (Joe Nolte, Fall 1976)

Every evening to the morning
To the morning when the sun begins to burn
I sit at home, I drink alone
I'm sitting drinkin' cryin' over you
I like the night - makes me feel
That none of what I heard is real
Then I see the light is comin' - I run right back
I close my eyes before the light can possibly attack
It's you that I'm scared of
You and the day, girl!

In the darkness I'm as brave as brave can be
I'm not afraid of anything
In the darkness I can think about the past
With just a little bit of pain
But you ride the sky like a goddess
The sun was always brightest in your eyes
Any love I ever held for the day
Was shattered into fragments when you went away
It's all I know
All I say, girl!

I look at my life and what do I see
An endless bout with misery
This is what I am going to be
It's all a joke and the joke's on me
Wait for the dream to end
Wait for the hunted call
Wait for the hunted call

Originally titled "Obsolescence." The last seven lines were soon discarded - I don't even remember how the music for that part went.

—Joe Nolte

A Part of Your Soul (Pallbearer) (Mike Nolte)

Pallbearer, grasp the coffin brass
Guide you're loved one to her last mass
Like you did when you fell upon Sunday
You'll join her in grace for your death will come someday
You pray

Pallbearer, you'll mistrust again
Won't see no one, won't let no one in
And when the night falls, so will the pain
Someone's really left you now standing in the rain

As a part of you dies, a part of you seeks
A part of your soul that you've never seen
And you're just dying now for that part of your soul

Pallbearer, you'll stay in your hole
Won't feel daylight, you're warm in the cold
You just won't find time to open your eyes
Not when you live nightmares, when every days a fight
You close your eyes

Pallbearer, no more will to live
Spend those moments doing yourself in
But something won't let you go all the way
Something deep inside you knows it's not too late

As a part of you dies, a part of you seeks
A part of your soul that you've never seen
And you're just dying now for that part of your soul


Written by Mike around '76 - it was supposed to be on Look Again but was never recorded by the Last.

—Joe Nolte

Nearly Dead (Joe Nolte, August 1977)

That time I saw you smile I almost cried
Not because you looked sad
But because you seemed so far away

You kept to yourself - I know - I saw
So pleasant and cheerful - so very far away
I knew you were young - 18, maybe 20
Young as me - but you looked ageless
A child of sweet mystery
That's when I fell in love

I used to watch you and could never understand
What it was about you that did those things to me
You know I couldn't sleep at night

Around that time I'd get the strangest stares
From people that were known to me and you
But I didn't care
And then that night I saw you and you were alone
I smiled and touched your hands
Then you were in my arms
You know that that's the best I ever felt
You know that that's the best I ever felt
I'd never been so close to you
And then I noticed you felt kinda strange
You backed away - you ran away
You weren't around when I came back the next day

And then they told me about you
Said that you were here a long time ago
Told me how they brought you back
They told me how old you really were

That night I held you when I kissed your head
I didn't realize you were nearly dead

Weeks passed - you came back
In a glance it was plain we both knew
Your teenage face looked preserved
You no longer wore a scarf
For the first time I could really see you
You took my hand - I felt a sudden chill
You smiled and asked me what I'd do
I pulled away and ran into the street
I ran until the coldness left my bones
I sat down on a curb - I cried all night

"Could you live in my world?" - that's what you said
And then I knew that you were nearly dead

Too late now to pay the price for love
Too late now to pay the price for love

Now I've forgotten all my other dreams
And now I wish that I was nearly dead


As far as Nearly Dead sounding Gin-esque, I should point out that "Unordinary Substance" was also written in the summer of '77. My 3rd creative remnant from said summer was the evil Be Bop A Lula arrangement - clearly I was in some kinda goth phase...

Written (and originally recorded) immediately after waking up from a rather vivid dream that became a nightmare. I wrote it and recorded it within an hour of waking, in the summer of 1977. It has yet to be recorded electrically...

—Joe Nolte

You Walk Into a Room (Joe Nolte. 1989)

You walk into a room suddenly alone
With no idea what you’re supposed to do
There’s a whole lotta things that just must not have gotten through
And there you are just marking time
While in the real world players play
And those who dance were made that way

And if you find you’re jealous at least you never called
There is no need to tell us we probably saw it all

13 fishermen gathered at your door
They come to stand & stare & such
And count your hairs & eat their lunch
While you wonder what they know & what they’re fishing for
And outside sky turns murky green
The clouds are gathering – sun looks mean

And she would never tell you no matter what you said
You will go on wondering until your song is dead

(oh oh Peter and Paul
Sold the goat that was eating it all and
God only knows why - yeah
Matthew Martin Peter and Paul
Bullet holes in the Wailing Wall...)

You crawled into her garden softly like a thief
Avoiding every leaf & bough – you took the paths the old ones know
But I guess you walked too softly & so you tipped your hand
And just in case you had no clue – a real thief does not walk like you

And somewhere they are playing the song you thought you lost
But hear the words they’re saying – you might not like the cost

Buildings standing tall right above your head
Like all good buildings do they stand in front of you & then
Quite suddenly they fall much to your surprise
No edifice of love could ever rise above

And it don’t make no difference what you feel inside
She will never love you – oh I don’t know why


Originally slated for Gin & Innuendoes, but didn't make the cut...

—Joe Nolte

It All Comes Down (Joe Nolte, 1990)

All through the day I watch with dead eyes
No one to play with I saw the sun rise
And though you never know it till you try
It doesn't make it easier inside
But I don't make a sound these days
Or get too much around these days you know – yeah you know

It all comes down eventually you're thru it
I would go downtown but I know I'll never do it
The wheel goes round & everyone will rue it
And all at once your little story's done
It's over and you could be Anyone

Rain up ahead I heard cause I saw
She laughed & said My word was that all
She ran ahead but me I had to stay
She turned around but I'd been washed away
And with a glance she got into a passing car & me I saw it all

And now you don't know which way you should run
To show her that you're not just anyone

I saw a man fall down from the sky
I wouldn't think he'd want to from so high
I walked to where he was to ask his name
He laughed & said I must have been insane
I said I didn't know for sure it didn't seem to matter anymore

And now you know your little story's done
You see you're just another Anyone


HOLY CRAP I ripped off "Light My Fire"! Never noticed till now - but it's true... the "Though You Never Know It Till You Try" line begins exactly like the final verse of "Light My Fire".

Originally slated for Gin & Innuendoes, but didn't make the cut...

—Joe Nolte

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