Be Bop a Lula (MP3)
(Bomp 12" BEP-1201) (Both tracks from LP) - 1979

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Be-Bop-a-Lula (Gene Vincent)

I borrowed Vitus's 4-track and messed around with a lot of stuff - obviously this was an attempt to do Gene Vincent's immortal song as the Doors would've. Best overheard response was in 1980 at Al's Bar, when one biker said to another, "You know who this guy reminds me of?" and the other responded "yeah - GENE MORRISON"...

Who could hope for more.

I think we were playing with the late lamented Top Jimmy, appropriately enough.

—Joe Nolte

Objections (Joe Nolte, November 1976)

Here comes a Man
To take away all of your friends
Baby watch his eyes
There's an army of blue coated thugs
In the street just outside
Awaiting the sign

No elections
We need a correction
Right now

Then come our leaders
Lying to you
In their suits and ties
To visit the zoo
See their outdated laws
Yeah, nothing is new
See the warrant in his hand
Gonna slap one on you

No Protection
I've got an objection
Right now

You can't tell the truth from the lies
There must be something that can bring them down to size
To put the pigs back in their sties
'Cause I don't wanna live in 1984

I want just a little more
Easy when you know the score
I think this life is ruining my mind
Give me something to live for
And hope for the country
You're blowing it now
And there ain't a lot of time

Tell me
Where can we go


Yeah, I voted for Carter. Big deal.

The music for this was actually completed Summer 1974. I could never find words for it, and originally scripted it as a love song for my current girlfriend (who shall be identified as "F" subsequently) in August '74. The lyrics, however, as you might suspect, were corny beyond belief. I liked the music however, and revisited it just prior to the 1976 Presidential elections, turning it into an arguably equally corny political diatribe.

Standells ripoff, you say?

Damn straight.

—Joe Nolte

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