I Know
Go Away Sunday
Unreal Love
When That I Am Dead
I'm Not Crazy
Faces in Your Eyes
(Unreleased Demo) - July 2004

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I Know

The gun is in my hand – it's worse than you perceive
And what we've fallen into is not what you believe
All around land mines labeled Hers & His
You don't know how messed up it is

But I know I know I know
Girl I know

I thought that it was better – then you took the other side
And when I wasn't looking – BLAM – another suicide
Hurts so bad good god it makes me reel
And you don't know exactly how you feel

Baby take a ride down to the Cat House
I will live and die down in the Cat House
No hope left – no angel from above
And you don't know if you're in love


Go Away Sunday

Middle of the night & I'm in hell
Alone with things that I will never tell
I think of a step that I can't take
Cause if I sleep I will not wake

Go away Sunday leave me on my own
I've had enough right now
She is gone & I'm alone
Go away Sunday now

Voices rise & travel below
In a dream in a dream & half of them don't know
Locked in a cage so I can't go
I cry in the dark with a radio

How does it feel to say farewell
With a heart that's crushed & no one to tell
How does it feel to be talking when
You know you'll never do it again
And tell me what do you do when you wish that you were dead
Me I went to the ALLboard instead
And found I was alone but it's just as well
It's the middle of the night and I'm in hell


Unreal Love

Sunday Monday straight out of my mind
I bail out right in the nick of time
Tuesday crosses every other line
They all bounce back - it happens every time

Falling too fast - nothing's ever free
Losing every other part of me
I can't breathe and I can't see
And I'm not where I wanna be

What this is only time will tell
But I'm in heaven and I'm in hell
Nothing to do when you find yourself
Lost in the unreal love

Thursday - bad day - nothing ever rings
Friday play back every little thing
Wondering what the next will bring
Can't sleep, can't talk - I can't even sing

Next day - worse yet - heart is made of wood
Sunday she's back - suddenly it's good
All I can do is play my part
Cause I can't stop what I can't start

Tell me girl what are we to do
What is this that we're going through
No escape when it catches you
Lost in the unreal love

I can see it falling down on me - falling down on me
I can see it falling down on me - on me

So Monday Tuesday straight out of our minds
We both bail yeah in the nick of time
Wednesday dawns and both are wrecks
So 1 2 3 you know what's coming next

Next day all day like it was before
Crying melting falling on the floor
Dreaming of what won't be in store
Cause I'm the one you can't wait for

Now I cry for the time I lack
Closed my eyes and I lost the track
Help me girl cause I must get back
Lost in the unreal love


When That I Am Dead

When that I am dead - remember what I said
All you see will better be than lying in your bed

When the thrill has gone the poison lingers on
All you see will soon agree what I did was wrong

I had a silver doll - hung it on my wall
Yeah then in my gall I let it fall, destroying all
I know you don't agree but someday you will see
It ain't no fun for me - no no no no no not for me

Why did you live up there - why were we unprepared
The wolf was at the door and we, we were unaware

When I'm on the bed - remember what I said
There will be no tears for me
When that I am dead


I'm Not Crazy

Electric voices implying me
Changing the change in the change in me
Locked to a door that has no key
And I have never been so free
But I'm not crazy...

Summer frost in a winter bright
The right is the left & the day is night
I write the words I cannot write
And throw all the rest away in fright

The rivers run & start to bleed
And all the world is sad
You only get the things you need
By losing all you had
Until at last it drives you mad

Now I stare & I can't see
And I will be where I can't be
And take the hand that's lost to me
And melt into a different sea


Faces in Your Eyes

Reality is grossly overrated
They say take what you want & you'll be sated
I found out they were wrong - it was belated
Now I can't tell you why I'm so elated

But I can see their faces in your eyes
I can see their faces in your eyes
I can see a world that waits for me
I can see no way that it will be

Don't ask me to explain what I was doing
I don't think it was ever strictly wooing
I can't say where it ends - but I'm renewing
And it's not anything I will be rueing

But I can see the ocean in its change
I can see the colors & they're strange
I can see a face behind a cloud
I can't see a thing - it's not allowed

The seers of my demise will be forgiven
I suffered all their lies
And I'm still living

And I can see the faces in your eyes

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